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We believe that our success as a company is not measured solely by profits but by the impact that we have on the lives of the people we serve.

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Investa Group is a private, well-capitalized real estate investment firm. Our investors achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of self-storage facilities nationwide. Our investment strategy focuses on existing facilities, conversions, and new development. Investa Group’s clients seek a combination of strong cash flow and equity growth. We purchase self-storage facilities, rebrand, and deploy a professional management strategy to distribute cash flow to investors. 



our values




James Reid


At age 8, James started to work for his father’s company, Reid’s Tree Service. Among many things, his father taught him how to work hard and to provide customer satisfaction, one client at a time. He dreamed of owning a company like his dad, and at age 13, he started a lawn service. While completing high school, he hired a crew so he could focus on school and grow his business at the same time. College offered him the opportunity to learn more about the industry and business. While attending college, he opened a Garden Center to provide his clients the best quality plants and materials. 

As the business grew, James remembered what his father taught him: “to be the best that you can be.” Lawn & Landscape Solutions exemplified that lesson. The company believed that by investing in themselves through continuing education they provided better service to their customers and directly increased customer satisfaction. In 2014, James opened the second Lawn & Landscape location in O’Fallon, Missouri 

Lawn & Landscape Solutions sold in 2020 so James could focus and invest in the industry of self-storage. 


Always focused on opportunities, James began studying the self-storage market in 2010. After searching for the perfect property for more than 3 years, he successfully purchased, financed, designed, and transformed a former car dealership into, StorCo Self Storage. StorCo offers more than 500 secure, indoor, climate-controlled units for the residents in the Wood River, Illinois area. StorCo has convenient entry and exit points and offers outdoor parking for RVs, campers, boats and more. In addition, the building offers white-box rental spaces for small businesses. 

Growth of StorCo- As James focused on the future of StorCo, he was determined to select the ideal location of their headquarters. He researched and determined the Midwest would be best to serve as the central location. O’Fallon, Missouri was chosen, due to its proximity in the United States, in order to be most effective for nationwide expansion.

Vision of StorCo- James’s strategic plan is to be nationwide, having over 500 locations by the year 2050. Being centrally located provides a median location for their facilities and headquarters. He worked diligently on acquiring the O’Fallon Square Plaza and on December 9, 2020, he closed on the property. Since then, he has completed the 2-story, Class A, storage facility; with over 70,000 net rentable square feet including over 700 units. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, James saw a need in the community to bring people together in a sense of healing and normalcy, while still being safe. StorCo hosted a drive-in Easter Church Service making him think “how can we expand this” which led him to hosting drive-in movies, concerts, church services and other events. In 2020, StorCo Storage was named Facility of the Year Conversion Winner. 


Impact Beyond Returns 

Self Storage passive investments that reach beyond returns. 

The path to generational wealth and passive income begins here. 

We make Self Storage Investing simplified. 

Our investment strategy is focused on:
Existing Storage facilities | Conversions | New development 

Mission- We believe that our success as a company is not measured solely by profits, but by the impact that we have on the lives of the people we serve. 

Vision- Inspire change around the world. 


James is part of many quarterly masterminds and recognized that there was a need for a weekly group meeting. He established a weekly national audio podcast to reach the storage investing community. They host nationally recognized guest speakers each week who provide Q&A to help the community of storage investors in growth and expansion of their business. 


Missouri Self Storage Association Board of Directors 2016-Present O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce Member 2010-Present 

Warrenton Chamber of Commerce Member 2009-Present 

River Bend Growth Association Member 2018-Present 

Grow Group 

Member 2016-Present


Rick Vanderwal


Christen Bryant

Marketing and Communications

Annie Meyer


Annie is part of the Marketing and Communications team with StorCo Storage and Investa Group. She lives in Warrenton, Missouri with her three beautiful daughters, Maicey, Alliya, Kylah and her husband Caleb. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors (hiking, biking, nature walks), traveling, visiting coffee shops and hanging out with her close group of friends and family. Her life goal is to set her children up for success through being a faithful role model, working hard, and following one of her favorite quotes “your wealth and success is not determined by how much you have, but by what give.” 

Background and Experience 

Annie Meyer’s background is diversified. She began her adult career obtaining a degree as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA,L). Within her first year in the the field, she was promoted to a Rehab Director and, for 3 years, managed a team of therapists at a facility in Fulton, MO. After having her second child, she transferred to a PRN therapist treating patients in 27 facilities around central Missouri. Due to the COVID pandemic, all PRN/Part time therapists were laid off. Instead of returning to the field once asked, Annie and her husband shifted focus to rental property investing, buying 4 over a span of two years, and managing them themselves. Annie’s primary role at StorCo and Investa Group is assisting the CEO with clerical tasks, travel/conference bookings, personal social media management, presentation designs and calendar/email organization. 

Additional focuses include graphic design and purchasing for marketing requests, communication with various entities on planning/zoning laws, application processes/presenter submissions, spreadsheet organization, press release marketing, and investor relations. Annie utilizes her time and talent to assist with operations running smoothly and effectively, maximizing marketing opportunities and completing many behind-the-scenes tasks to make StorCo and Investa Group successful and profitable. 

Vision and Goals 

Annie’s states “I am excited to be part of such a fast pace, fast growing company. What I love about my job is the collaborative environment; the genuine spirit of cooperation and shared visions working to make ideas reality. The diversity of the work I do ensures that no day is the same and challenges me to better myself. I am thankful to have the flexibility to work remotely with a boss who trusts me to execute and produce high quality work and results.” 

We are so happy to have Annie on the team and know that she will continue to do great things for us as we grow our business!

StorCo Operations Consultant

Sam Christiansen


Samuel “Sam” Christiansen was born in Richmond, Virginia, and moved to Missouri when he was 10 years old. He currently resides in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, with his wife Savannah and his four children: Brooklynn, Dallas, Owen, & Evalyn as well as his two dogs Dodger and Auggie. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as hiking, fishing, hunting, and everything ‘Jeep’. Experience 

Upon graduation from High School in 2004, Sam immediately departed for Basic Training for the United States Navy. He went on to serve 4 years of active duty from 2004 to 2008 including a deployment in 2007, and then affiliated with the United States Naval Reserve from 2008 to Present including 2 deployments. During his 18 years of service, he has participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Inherent Resolve, 3 deployments, and 20 exercises across 3 continents and 21 countries. His military specialty is Operational Intelligence and Mission Planning in support of Naval Special Warfare, Irregular Warfare, and Special Forces Operations. Education and Employment 

Sam is a 2010 graduate of the University of Missouri and the Pierre Laclede Honors College in St. Louis, MO and has worked for over 10 years in multi-unit management operational leadership roles. Specifically, as a District Manager for Public Storage, the world’s largest self-storage company; Sam led a team of 20 Property Managers overseeing a portfolio of 12 self-storage facilities comprised of 8,500+ units. He was responsible for over $20M in annual revenue through maintaining client relations and increasing occupancy levels as well as driving KPI’s.


Some of Sam’s specific contributions include finishing top tier for 2014, during his first year in role, and again in 2015 & 2016, winning company- wide ‘Region of the Year’ for 2017, and being selected as the ‘Senior Regional Conference Call Captain’, structuring, and hosting a weekly conference call for over 200 individuals spanning Missouri, Indiana, Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Oklahoma. He is truly passionate about sourcing, hiring, and developing great people to fill critical leadership roles within the District, Senior District, and larger multi-state Region. Specifically, he hired and developed 3 District Trainers, 2 “A” Property Managers, and the new region wide Delinquent Tenant Specialist (DTS) – a role that did not previously exist. 

Sam is very excited to be a part of the StorCo team and looks forward to what the future will bring!

BBI Constructors

John Rayner

StorCo Operations Manager

Jessica Myers


Jessica Myers comes to StorCo from a very diverse background of professional and personal experience. She resides in O’Fallon Missouri with her two beautiful daughters, her loving partner and his three beautiful daughters and her crazy collection of animals! In her free time, she enjoys cooking, sharing meals at home together as a family, and meeting up with friends. One day, when her work with StorCo is done, she hopes to fill her days with cooking and entertaining like her Food Network idol, Ina Garten. 

Background and Experience 

Jessica Myers background is multi-faceted with a primary focus in corporate business operations management, specifically centered around customer service, daily business operations and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) within the early childhood development and education sphere. Her primary role at StorCo is day to day operations management, to include our commercial tenants’ division, as well as managing our satellite store and all hourly associates. 

Additional focuses include creating effective, concise, and repeatable policies and procedures to ensure success and consistency at all levels and locations through standardization implementation. Jessica will utilize the precise and approachable implementation of technology that each facility provides to ensure extremely efficient and accountable processes which will in turn maximize profitability. 

Vision and Goals 

When asked what Jessica likes most about working here, she stated: “StorCo has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn a rapidly growing industry with limitless potential for expansion. While I have become truly enthusiastic about the storage industry, its advancements, and its income potential, perhaps my greatest satisfaction has been derived from being a part of a company in its formative stages. I feel deep gratitude that I have been given the luxury of being formative in a company’s culture. I am immensely proud of the spirit in which every member of our organization works and the dedication that we all embody, our daily efforts, and I work passionately to create a company that our employees are proud to work for.” 

We are so happy to have Jessica on the team and know that she will continue to do great things for us as we grow our business!

BBI Constructors

Dennis Buehrle


Dennis Buehrle is an invaluable asset to our team as the key principle of BBI Constructors. Dennis and his beautiful wife of nearly 20 years live in St. Charles and are the proud parents of two lively young sons, ages three and one. As a father, Dennis is imparting his love of the outdoors with sons, taking family walks in the evening and teaching a respect and appreciation for nature. An avid hunter, fisherman and boat enthusiast, he is the Vice President of his hunting club, a post once held by his father. While Dennis’ commitments to his profession and family don’t leave him much time for racing cars, he is willing to volunteer to a good cause, allowing is prized Mustang to be center stage for family friendly evens such as Truck or Treat at his sons’ school. Above all, Dennis’ enjoyment of and gratitude for his family drives the work that he does and in apparent in all his actions. 

Background and Experience 

Dennis Buehrle comes to our team with a respected background in Architecture, CAD and Project Management. With a wealth of experience in all areas of his profession, Dennis has worked with residential, commercial and municipal customers, with great satisfaction and celebrated outcomes. Balancing the demands, projections and budgets of both his clients and his sub-contractors is one of the many areas in which his integrity shines through. As the driving force to keep projects on time, on budget and above expectations Dennis balances transparency with tack and professionalism. Dennis’ clear and consistent communication set him apart from many in his industry, creating a strong history of repeat customers with an outstanding referral rate. His ability to accurately and fairly estimate jobs makes him an asset to both his customers and his vendors, earning him a sterling reputation across his and many related industries. Dennis sets BBI apart with his focus, patience and incredible attention to detail when preparing final estimates, ensuring interpretation and clarification are top priorities. 

As ownership of BBI transitioned to our portfolio, Dennis has come into his own as the face and embodiment of the BBI legacy. 

Vision and Goals 

Dennis is always thinking ahead. Whether it is trying to predict and navigate around hurdles on a current project or laying the foundation for future endeavors, he is always working to ensure that BBI is satisfying its commitments and growing at the same time. Dennis realizes the future value in completing a job above expectations. He has said, “BBI does a job with the perspective that when a client’s next job comes up, that client doesn’t even entertain using another contractor. We approach every job with the mindset that we want that customer so pleased and we have earned their trust upon completion that they wouldn’t even consider going somewhere else the next time they need something. “ 

We are so happy to have Dennis on the team and know that he will continue to do great things for us as we grow our business! 

We are a Family Of Companies


In-House Construction Company

BBi Constructors is our in-house construction development team. They are experienced in and excel at creating high efficiency projects while keeping  on time and in budget.. Our project management department design builds to maximize square footage while making sure the customer experience is held in high regard. When bringing this amount of experience, it comes with creative ways to keep costs down while maximizing profitability.  

Best of Both Worlds

While BBi Constructors is our in-house construction team, they also offer their services to other developers. The company has long standing relations with many commercial developers, small and large as well as the large REITs, having built for over 15 years. Customers gain unparalleled knowledge of the storage construction industry. We combine the feasibility and operational knowledge of StorCo with the construction knowledge of BBi to give an understanding of storage construction that can’t be matched. BBi is able to build and create value for other developers and in return also helps our revenue stream.  

Joint venture opportunities

Using our in house construction team allows direct control of scopes, budgets and success of partnering on joint ventures, minimizing risks, and keeping projects on time and budget. 


In-House Management Company

StorCo is our trademark brand in the storage industry. A full–service entity, StorCo, currently serves as our in-house property management company that is poised for expansion into third–party management. By merging remote capabilities with personable and professional customer service, StorCo provides a strong and recognizable presence in the industry with a reputation for customer care. Our agility and proven management experience add value to the investor portfolio.  

Strong brand name

Our name states what we do, who we are, and is easily be recognizable nationwide. While names like “Bob’s A+ Storage” or “O’Fallon Storage” indicate to all that they are a small, single location operator, StorCo brings confidence to the customer that we are a large operator that they can trust with their belongings.  

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Marketing & Communication Manager

The role of the Marketing & Communications manager is to promote the message of the company to as many people as is possible, digitally and in print. Using the core values of the company as a guide, the M&C Manager will creatively attract like minded companies, developers and investors to view and digest content and ultimately partner with our companies. The M&C Manager will maintain a high degree of creativity, organization, ability to multitask and big picture thinking.


Storage Director

  • Oversee creation of storage location budgets (October for coming year)
  • Monthly, review prior month financials to budget
  • Make corrective action steps to reduce expenses
  • Report to Integrator as “state of StorCo” report (format to follow)

Storage Manager

The position of store manager is to oversee the daily operations and growth of a storage location.  The Storage Manager reports to the Director of Storage Operations.


Project Manager/Estimator

This position includes both estimator and project manager roles.

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