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We are a vertically integrated firm that leverages opportunities in construction, acquisition, and in-house management to maximize investor returns. Our self-funneling process simplifies self-storage investing while providing transparency and education to facilitate long lasting relationships and industry leading returns.  

exisiting storage facilities

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Through our integrated platform of market research and underwriting, we qualify existing properties that exhibit high potential for growth under our direct management. Since larger, publicly traded companies own less that 25% of existing facilities, smaller, independent operators control much of the market. Many of these independent facilities operate undermanaged and, therefore, underperforming. Through the process of acquiring and self-managing these facilities, they become an asset to our self-storage investment portfolio.  

  • Integrated Tech and Automation
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Rebranding (Ex: StorCo)
  • Rent Management


front entrance of StorCo Self Storage building

Consumer trends have changed the landscape for retail spaces. Because the demand for these large buildings has decreased, it allows us to purchase these buildings, in highly trafficked, prime locations for well below replacement cost Our team excels at finding the right empty spaces, in the right locations to add value to the community and our portfolio. Also, by maintaining existing structural features of the property, many conversions require fewer city approvals, resulting in faster completion and reduced cost. 

  • Faster Build Times
  • Lower Cost Per Sq. Ft. to Construct
  • Sale/Redevelop Out-Partials
  • Reduces Risk of New Competitors
  • Reduces Risk of New Competitors with Infield Locations


new development of self storage building

Ground up development offers the ability to capitalize on High Demand Markets during the site selection. Our team also researches and capitalizes on all available incentives that lead to cost savings and faster approvals such as LEED and PACE certifications, tax credit and energy savings. Technology and automation can also be built into the facility, reducing operational costs upon completion. Furthermore, projects are tailored to provide the most in-demand unit sizes for that specific market, reducing lease-up time. 

  • Site Selection in High Storage Demand Markets
  • Integrate Tech and Automation Into the Building
  • Incentives Etc. LEED, PACE, Energy, and Warranties
  • Construct Highest-Demand Units Based on the Market

Subsidiaries of Investa Group

Investa Group knew that with outside construction and third party managers, we couldn’t fully control our process and our stores so we looked to bring all areas of the self-storage industry in houseThis birthed the StorCo brand to manage everything from hiring to customer perception and to serve our communities.  Going a step further and having worked together on several builds, Investa Group acquired a trusted partner, BBi Constructors to propel the company even furtherNow, having all areas of development, construction, and management under our control makes Investa Group a force to be reckoned with in the self-storage industry. 

Buy Right Build RightManage Right 


In-House Construction Company

BBi Constructors is our in-house construction development team. They are experienced in and excel at creating high efficiency projects while keeping  on time and in budget.. Our project management department design builds to maximize square footage while making sure the customer experience is held in high regard. When bringing this amount of experience, it comes with creative ways to keep costs down while maximizing profitability.  

Best of Both Worlds

While BBi Constructors is our in-house construction team, they also offer their services to other developers. The company has long standing relations with many commercial developers, small and large as well as the large REITs, having built for over 15 years. Customers gain unparalleled knowledge of the storage construction industry. We combine the feasibility and operational knowledge of StorCo with the construction knowledge of BBi to give an understanding of storage construction that can’t be matched. BBi is able to build and create value for other developers and in return also helps our revenue stream.  

Joint venture opportunities

Using our in house construction team allows direct control of scopes, budgets and success of partnering on joint ventures, minimizing risks, and keeping projects on time and budget. 


In-House Management Company

StorCo is our trademark brand in the storage industry. A full–service entity, StorCo, currently serves as our in-house property management company that is poised for expansion into third–party management. By merging remote capabilities with personable and professional customer service, StorCo provides a strong and recognizable presence in the industry with a reputation for customer care. Our agility and proven management experience add value to the investor portfolio.  

Strong brand name

Our name states what we do, who we are, and is easily be recognizable nationwide. While names like “Bob’s A+ Storage” or “O’Fallon Storage” indicate to all that they are a small, single location operator, StorCo brings confidence to the customer that we are a large operator that they can trust with their belongings.  

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